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Summer Time – Does It Change Armies?

Many armies are not impacted by the change of the season to summer, but some armies could get a huge impact on their sizes. Why is that?

This mainly happens to Major Armies because they are more popular, but it can also happen to SMAC Armies. Here are some reasons your army’s sizes might grow during the Summer time:

  1. School – School is out and many children get bored, though they hate school some wish they went back. So, many kids around the world start to play the online game, Club Penguin, and see armies recruiting, or bump into an army Leader on many popular recruiting chats, like Riffy888.


  1. Retirement Plans – Many retired Leaders or troops come back to their original army, if it is still around. This can be because school is out and they have more time.
  2. Friends – Your friends are usually on xat, so you can get them to join your army or your favorite army.


Summer time can also put a dent in your army.

  1. Army Hoppers – Army Hoppers are people that skip to different armies. They can be extremely inactive and they can sometimes care less about anything happening in some armies. They sometimes want high ranks all the time. Also, another army they are in can interfere with your army’s events, causing the troops to pick sides.
  2. Vacation – Many troops do go on vacation to spend time with their family, and that is fine. Some troops can’t go on vacation though. Even though they go on vacation they may bring their laptop, but most likely not, so you will have less troops in battle. https://i0.wp.com/www.crazywebsite.com/Pg-Free-Clipart-Graphics/Images_Celebrate_Labor_Day_Weekend_Clipart_Photos/Summertime__Beach_Umbrella_Sun_Clipart-1.jpg

I interviewed Tot, Night Divers Creator/Leader for more on this topic.

Me = Orange || Tot = Blue

So, have the Night Divers ever been affected in sizes by the change of season to summer?

A little, I only fear that we can’t get too far into CPAC with other armies rising and what not, but we should be maxing 15+ once again.

Do you think that an army’s sizes can get bigger in the summer, and why?

Yes, because I alone have been recruiting and making sure all of the CPND get active. We have been getting full chats on and off from this recruiting. We will most likely rise this summer, due to via xat and Twitter.

Why do you think armies fall during summer time?

It really does depend does depend on what you do. If the leader becomes inactive, the troops will leave. If he does not recruit, the army will slowly die, and that can be changed with one word, war. War is one of the main things to get noticed in this community. Without it, your army will drift away without anyone knowing it.

Is there anything else you would like to add about how summer time may affect Club Penguin armies.

All Small/Medium armies are to build up, or do what the Pink Ice and Pretzels did, merge together to build one strong force. Good luck to all Small/Medium armies during summer!

Now I interviewed Orange, Chaos Leader, and I asked the same questions to see how their answers compare to each other.

Me = Orange || Orange = Blue

So, have the Chaos ever been affected in sizes by the change of season to summer?

Yes, our sizes boosted from about 8 to 18 troops on Club Penguin. I expect our sizes to go even higher this time though.

Do you think that an army’s sizes can get bigger in the summer, and why?

Yes, the Chaos can get way bigger because after the war we are going to be recruiting hard. Also, many troops will come back from vacation.

Why do you think armies fall during summer time?

Some troops go on vacation. I am glad not many Chaos troops are on vacation, or for the Chaos this sudden rise may not of happened.

Is there anything else you would like to add about how summer time may affect Club Penguin armies?


At the same time, many armies are created in summer. These new Leaders, also called noobs, can have some tight friends and connections on the tracking chats. If they go to war too soon, they sometime die, but some armies can pull through the war. Usually, these armies die within 1 or 2 weeks.

I think that in the future, there will be many new armies in the SMAC Top 10, but near the end of it, around 8, 9, or 10. What do you think about this topic? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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