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Message to Waterkid

Listen up, kid. You hacking CPAF, wow. Trying to eliminate the competition, much? You think that you can bring CPWN back, when you can barely write a sentence with decent grammar.

I’d love to see you try.

Where in your right mind did you think that hacking another site – then blatantly putting Light Troops’ propaganda on the front page would be a good idea. That’s your stupidest idea yet.

Putting pictures with LT propaganda and porn, however interesting it may be, isn’t a good idea either. Why? Do you really want your army associated with adult content? Really? A game for kids, an army that is associated with adult content. Let’s just screw all logic right here.

If you’re going to hack a site, atleast put disturbing porn on a site. Don’t put decent porn on a site, you’re only giving CPAF more views. Yet again, screw logic.

Yeah, I gave you CPWI’s archives. So what? Are you trying to make yourself look like a badass? Ooooh look we have archives that go back a couple years! We’re badass! Such wow, much disappointment. Come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the post aren’t CPWN’s. Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you’re going to make a news site. Do it legitly. Hire reporters, and put forth some effort. Right now, you’re only ruining your name – as well as both CPWN’s and LT’s. Give me a break, you want to become a legend? You don’t become a legend by being a dick. In fact, you’re only make it easier for SMAC to rise. “Oh look, CPAF was haxx0r3d, let’s take their reporters!” Yep. I’d love to watch your crappy little news site die, over, and over, and over again. Get a life Water, because you’re only making your life here harder.


Concerned Citizen

More to Water

You say, “We are currently merging past and current news site into this one to make it a good competition for SMAC.”

Explain to me, how SMAC is a good competition. Please. If you want to compete with SMAC, that doesn’t require you looking like you’re legit, but underneith that “legit look”, you’re full of crap. Give me, say, five good reasons why you need to hack a site to make your site popular. If you’re as good as you say you are, pfft, you don’t need to hack anybody.

But you aren’t good. In fact, you never were good. If you were good, you would actually focus on one thing – your army. Considering that CPNext is supposedly the “apocalypse” of armies. You should work on getting LT back to a Top 3 Posistion – not working on a news site that doesn’t effect LT in the long run. It only distracts you from getting LT to a Top 3 Posistion.

Water, you claim yourself a god. Let’s just define what a “god” is. A god would be 1. all knowning, 2. all powerful, and 3. everywhere at once. Let’s see.

1. You’re not all knowing. If you were, you would know what “narcissistic” means.

2. You’re not all powerful. You say that you are, but you’ve been beaten before.

3. You’re not everywhere at once. If you were, then you would be in my closet – and you aren’t there.

So thus, you aren’t a god.

You’re just a

Glorified Narcissist.

The Great Famine

Skibbereen 1847 by Cork artist James Mahony (1810–1879), commissioned by Illustrated London News, 1847The Great Famine was a period in Ireland forcing mass starvation, disease and immigration between the years of 1845 – 1852. In other countries, such as the United States of America, it is more recognized as the Irish Potato Famine. In the Irish language of Gaelic, the Great Famine is called an Gorta Mór, meaning “the Great Hunger”, or it was also called an Drochshaol, meaning “the bad life”.

During The Great Famine, it is estimated that around 1 million people in Ireland died, and a million more immigrated from the island. This caused Ireland’s population to fall, dropping around 20% to 25%. It is seemed that the cause of The Great Famine is something called “potato blight”. Potato Blight is a organism that infects potatoes, and can also sometimes infect tomatoes.

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The Philosophy Corner – Recruiting

Recruiting is a key element in making your army successful. Not everyone knows how to recruit.

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Summer Time – Does It Change Armies?

Many armies are not impacted by the change of the season to summer, but some armies could get a huge impact on their sizes. Why is that? Continue reading

Spring Showdown Finals Results & Awards


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CPWI Finals Times

SWAT has beaten the Miners, and HSA have beaten the CPPA. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Championship. Whoever wins this wins it all. Will SWAT win? Or will HSA come in handy. Who knows. Here are the times.


April 13 (Saturday)

Klondike – Forts, Mine, Berg (Each room – 10 minutes)

1 PM PST (and Arizona)

2 PM MST (execpt Arizona)



Judge: Chillie17


GOOD LUCK! Predictions should come out Monday or Tuesday.


Spring Showdown Weekend: Round 3 *RESULTS* & CHAMPIONSHIP TIMES

Another week, another week of the Spring Showdown Results!

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Army Insider: Water Vikings

Hello there! I am Chillie17, and I am posting on my new series called Army Insider. The first army in this category will be the Water Vikings.

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SWAT Gets Its Wings, ACP Springs A Leak, & Nachos Keeps It Going

As spring has sprung, and the gloominess of winter is shaken off, armies are in even more of a swing than the spring. With renewed armies like SWAT coming out of their hibernation, and old armies like the ACP gradually melting away, the CP warfare world has metamorphosed into something symbolic the changing seasons. Continue reading