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Army Insider: Water Vikings

Hello there! I am Chillie17, and I am posting on my new series called Army Insider. The first army in this category will be the Water Vikings.

You all have probably heard of the Water Vikings. Ever since they came back from the dead, their goal was to reach CPAC’s Major Top Ten.  WV has had it’s big moments, making the Top Ten numerous amount of times, and they’ve done it many times, and they are currently in the Top Ten as of now. For this generation, which they are in their 4th generation, the WV are coming off a war with LT, as WV tied with LT in the war. WV did well in their draw with LT, as they were able to pull off sizes of 10+


WV got a confidence booster in beating LT in that war, but they were shook cold after they were defaced. The WV site was in ashes as their pages were gone. It was clear that they had been defaced. They had only one post which was stating that Daniel ‘hacked’ Qwerty’s account.

It was Daniel to blame, now. But according to Zak, him and Daniel were really close friends. So it came to debate whether Daniel did it or not, yet the post stated Daniel hacked Qwerty’s account. They quickly found Daniel as the suspect. However, Daniel’s innocence was clear as ‘Sir Tony Montana’ comments saying he will deface WV.

Q being a knob.

So Daniel, there is proven innocent. Now that Daniel’s out of the picture, who did it? It was time to investigate for WV. The investigating didn’t last long, though, as WV’s Qwerty admits defacing the site himself! Now Qwerty was a loyal troop in WV, so why would he pull off such a stunt to get him in trouble with WV? Zak later on stated that Qwerty is forever banished from the WV, no matter what. It still comes to wonder why Qwerty would deface his own army. Who knows, maybe it’ll forever be a mystery.

After that sloppy deface, WV is looking to get back on track. They posted an active count, so would Qwerty’s deface kill WV? Who knows? It’s time to get the leaders say on WV.

I interviewed both Dash and Bepboy, leaders of WV.

Interview with WV Leaders

After ending the war with LT, and coming off their deface,  how is WV planning to regroup?

Bep: Well to be honest, the defacing of our site didn’t make anything better, but it wont affect our sizes, just as our activeness as Zak cancelled all events for this current weekend.

Dash: Well after the end of the war we plan to stay strong by making more fun events and recruiting more often and hopefully all goes well. For the deface, we all are glad it was nothing too serious. We still have our site, so we will be alright.

Since your activeness has caused the weekend events to be cancelled, what do you think is the next step for WV?

Bep: Well, it wasn’t our activeness that caused our events to be cancelled. It was the defacing of the site. I think we’ll be preparing to ‘kick ass’ next week, like Zak said.

Dash: Well we are currently on a Easter Break to reform. Starting Monday, we will be having events again, ranging from trainings, practice battles, and maybe even a war. We will also be focusing on staying in CPAC’s Top Ten.

Ever since the defacing, what is the next step for WV?

Bep: I plan to lead WV for another good bit, I joined WV at its start of the very first gen, and I have never actually retired from them. I’ve always stuck ’till the end. I’m not sure if that legacy will stay in this gen, but I know that this will be the generation that will be the one that lives on for a VERY long time.

Dash: If we can, I’d like to lead WV into the Top 5 with Bep and Zak. I think we could if we really tried.

So there, Dash and Bep had tons of faith for WV. Will their hard work and active counts pay off? Or will WV go into the dust? We’ll find out later on.

– Chillie17, Reporter –

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