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The Philosophy Corner – Recruiting

Recruiting is a key element in making your army successful. Not everyone knows how to recruit.

There are mainly four different ways for recruiting:

  1. Chat Recruiting – Chat Recruiting, in my opinion, is the easiest way to recruit. When Chat Recruiting, you Private Chat members on different Club Penguin cheat chats, giving them the link to your army’s chat. The chats most likely used are Riffy888, Monchocho, CPC, SpotCP, and MascotCP.
  2. Club Penguin Recruiting – When recruiting on Club Penguin, you chant phrases. You usually do this with more then one troop, so they can see that your army is bigger then 1 person. These phrases consist of your army’s name. For example, “SEARCH WATER NINJAS OF CP ONLINE!”.
  3. Twitter – Using Twitter to recruit is not a bad idea at all. You can get your followers to join your army. They should be loyal since they are following you and admire you as a person.https://i0.wp.com/www.prconversations.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/twitter_icon4.jpg
  4. Friends – Friends on xat can be very nice. If you have best friends, they might help out at some events, maybe even recruit for your army, or join!https://clubpenguinwarfareinsider.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/8746f-fun252520children2527s252520group.jpg

Normally, recruiting is easier around the tracking season. The tracking season is when you can find Club Penguin mascots on Club Penguin. Because of tracking season, people tell recruits to come to their chat to help find a certain mascot, for example Rockhopper, and they get them to join their army by making it sound interesting.


Recruiting in an army is crucial in making it succeed. Without recruiting, you will have no new troops. Even the new troops can recruit! That is why I think it is important to recruit, and teach your recruits early how to recruit. Many armies make Training Camps, or Training Regiments. ACP for example, the have the Training Regiment to teach troops how to be leaders.

I interviewed Fari, Water Ninjas Leader, for more on this topic.

Me = Blue || Fari = Orange

What way of recruiting do you think is more effective, and why?

The best way of recruiting would have to be asking your good friends to join your army. However, Twitter is a good one if you have lots of followers since they will listen to you and admire you. I would prefer Twitter, xat friends, and friends of friends.

In your opinion, do you think recruiting on Club Penguin actually works?

Yes, I think it does. It will more likely work if your army owns a more populated server and does lots of training on it. The penguins that log on the server a lot or just visitors might notice you chant, then search your army up online. However, it is really hard to recruit on Club Penguin if your army had other generations with other websites.

Do you think there can be a new way of recruiting soon?

No, not really. Xat, Twitter, and Club Penguin are the only ways that are effective and work in recruiting.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Recruiting is hard these days with many people on Monchocho and Riffy not wanting to join. Twitter is an easier way since you won’t get banned, but maybe a tweet that says “I don’t want to join”. Club Penguin recruiting is the hardest of all of them.

What do you think about recruiting? Which way seems better for you? Is recruiting easy or hard? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!

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