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Army Insider: Water Vikings

Hello there! I am Chillie17, and I am posting on my new series called Army Insider. The first army in this category will be the Water Vikings.

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SWAT Gets Its Wings, ACP Springs A Leak, & Nachos Keeps It Going

As spring has sprung, and the gloominess of winter is shaken off, armies are in even more of a swing than the spring. With renewed armies like SWAT coming out of their hibernation, and old armies like the ACP gradually melting away, the CP warfare world has metamorphosed into something symbolic the changing seasons. Continue reading

Breaking News-Ioioluk retires CP Warfare/What is to become of LT now?

Once again the CP army Legend, and LT Creator has retired CP Armies. So due to this event, what will become of LT now? Read on for further information.

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Coolster114 Returns to UMA

Coolster114 is back, for one last stint in Club Penguin Warfare. I could have easily gone to the Pirates, you know. They are at their peak, but I chose the UMA over them. 

The well known Coolster114 has recently returned to the Underground Mafias Army, a once large and powerful army under his reign. But can he restore order and dispose their Great Depression?

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Pretzels – What’s happened?

Hey CPWI, it’s Sidie9 here. Today I will be reporting on something that some may care of, some may not. Without further comment, I reveal to you my post. Pretzels gone once more?

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Pirates: Can They Go Any Higher?

This week brought the Pirates the long awaited and anticipated return of their Creator, Bid Now. It also brought them the beginning of their Golden Age.

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Bid Now Returns to the Pirates

Bid Now, the original creator of the Pirates of Club Penguin, returned to his home army on March 4th. What convinced him to do so after all these years?

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Lord Pain – Back once more?

Breaking News [5:09 PST 3-4] Pretzels leader Braveboy has informed CPWI that Pain has been coup’d for a third time from the Pretzels. Braveboy: “I would rather have 10 loyal people than 1 shit head.”

Hey there CPWI. This is Sidie9 here with your daily post from me. Today I will be reporting about Lord Pain – back? Wait, he is? Well I guess I need to get to that then.

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Tacos vs Heroes war – What could happen?

Hey there CPWI, I’m Sidie9, Head of Reporting (Along with Pikachu) and today I am going to tell you about the latest war breaking out in the army world, Heroes vs Tacos.

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