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Breaking News-Ioioluk retires CP Warfare/What is to become of LT now?

Once again the CP army Legend, and LT Creator has retired CP Armies. So due to this event, what will become of LT now? Read on for further information.

Ioioluk, CP Army Legend, and LT Creator is now retiring CP armies once again. He said before he would not return to CP armies in late 2012 when he retired LT, but he came back to help Light Troops in tough times. However, people started getting inactive in LT, and stopped recruiting, until it reached the point where Ioio shut down LT. He said no one could remake Light Troops again, but it did get remade. Here’s why Ioio remade LT for those who didn’t know:


Hey LT.

So I said in the last post that I will not remake LT, and the truth is, I never planned to. But I have been really struggling with the CPPA American division so I decided to help Rob with NW. It ended up with Vince not needing my help, so I decided to just leave. Everybody was telling me to recreate LT, so why not? By the way, I will be leading alone since Roberto wants to stay with NW(although he is not leader, not added to site and has basically no power).


And therefore, that’s how LT got remade. ^

In the beginning of LT, they did great. Here’s some pictures of their sizes in their beginning of their new generation.

Chat size picture in their beginning of their generation. ^

As they move on after their creation, they became bigger. The picture will do the talking.

And LT eventually got first in the CPAC Top Ten too.

Here’s are some pictures of their current events.

Now questions people were all waiting for… Is Ioioluk’s retirement going to make LT go in a huge landslide like it did before? Or will they prevail this time with their new leaders? The only way to find out is… Interviews! 😀


Interview with Gold Falcon/Mr Cool

I will be Blue.

He will be Red.


Me: Hi Mr Cool, can I interview you for CPWI?

Mr Cool: Sure.

Me: So how is LT doing after Ioio left?

Mr Cool: Not as good, but we are holding our ground. We averaged 15 today without Ioio.

Me: Do you think LT will still be major after Ioio’s retirement?

Mr Cool: It is possible, if we work and strive to be the best, I don’t see why not.

Me: Around 15-30 is what I am expecting.

Me: So how are you and the other leaders planning things out to survive?

Mr Cool: Well last time we died was because of Ioio leaving, of course, and our leadership was too nice. This time we are going to be a little stricter so we don’t die. Ioio is also writing a leader guide for us so that we can get a few tips when we are leading LT too.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Mr Cool: No really 😛

Me: Thank you for your time Mr Cool! 😀

Mr Cool: No problem 🙂


(Unfortunately, the other LT leader was AFK at the time, so I couldn’t get his interview in 😦 )

So now that you seen the inside story, and how LT will go through this, what is your opinion? Do you think LT will stay the same like it was before? Do you think it will fall? Comment your opinion!


CPWI Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Also, could staff comment on my post to tell me how to make it better? I feel like I am missing something.

  2. Someone else already covered this story; no need to re-post it.

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