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Army Insider: Water Vikings

Hello there! I am Chillie17, and I am posting on my new series called Army Insider. The first army in this category will be the Water Vikings.

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Colonization in Armies- Good or bad?

Recently, there have been several armies that have decided to colonize other armies. LT and just recently, ACP. For those of you who do not know, army colonization is simply becoming a part of an army. The army becoming a colony must give some things but will also be able to get things in return. Lets look at some pros and cons of colonization in armies.

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Why Army Councils Will Continue to Fail

Hello CPWI,
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CPWI Spring Showdown Round 1 Predictions

Note: I’ll only use a sentence or two for each prediction, but I will add more when I am less busy

Coming from the computer screen is the current predictions for round 1. I won’t do a full 300+ word post because I am on a skype call and a post like this couldn’t have that many words, so yeah. Here it is:

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Breaking News-Ioioluk retires CP Warfare/What is to become of LT now?

Once again the CP army Legend, and LT Creator has retired CP Armies. So due to this event, what will become of LT now? Read on for further information.

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The Order and Chaos Theory

 Hello CPWI,
Today I will be telling you about an unique prospective on CP armies,

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Pretzels – What’s happened?

Hey CPWI, it’s Sidie9 here. Today I will be reporting on something that some may care of, some may not. Without further comment, I reveal to you my post. Pretzels gone once more?

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From the Desk of Weatherboy1

Hello CPWI,

You might have seen me before on CPAC as that 2nd crazy brony Dude (besides Shiver). I’ve been hired as an opinion writer for CPWI. So I shall reveal my thinking to you, maybe teach you things here and here as we explore the vast world of CP armies.

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