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Colonization in Armies- Good or bad?

Recently, there have been several armies that have decided to colonize other armies. LT and just recently, ACP. For those of you who do not know, army colonization is simply becoming a part of an army. The army becoming a colony must give some things but will also be able to get things in return. Lets look at some pros and cons of colonization in armies.


  • Receive protection from the “mother army” in times of war
  • Gain/share servers from the mother army
  • Get free advertisement on the site of the mother army
  • Possibility of mod or owner on the mother army’s chat dependent on the size
  • Unlike a few years ago, your army can still get into top 10’s and be considered an army

Now lets look at the cons of colonization


  • Must help the mother army in battles if asked
  • Must share their own servers if needed
  • May have to put mother army’s banner on their site

You may be thinking right now that it looks as if the pros outweigh the cons. To me, that is not the case. Now you may gain servers and get help in a time of war, but what if help is refused? The mother army may not always be able to help. For instance, say you are a medium army facing another medium army so you think you can take them. But then it turns out many of your troops were not able to make it. So you go on over the mother armies chat and you notice that they are having an unscheduled event. Most likely, they will not go out of their way to help you since they are doing their own thing.

So what happens if an army that was once a colony becomes larger than its own mother army?  If a colony of another army becomes as large or even larger than its own mother army then what happens? Strangely, CPPA is  a colony of LT yet CPPA is larger than LT. In 2010, when DCP was a colony of the UMA, the DCP wanted to be recognized as an army and wanted to be in the top 10. UMA did not accept this. And so, this:

To add to the cons, the mother army pretty much has all control on how the colonized army is controlled. The colony is able to be forced to help its mother army against its will. If the mother army really wants to take over it will take all of its colonies’ servers and there is nothing that can be done since most colonies are made up of small armies looking for some easy recruitment and protection from armies that could easily take them down in battle.

Back to the topic of armies not being allowed in top 10’s. Today, colonies are still considered armies. But the fact that a mother army can require its colonies to put its banner on their site can effect the activity of that colony. If people start to join the mother army they may become less active in their original army and then start losing troops.

My conclusion: Only colonize if your army is on the brink of death. It is not worth it to give up your servers and your time for an army you aren’t in. Most armies seem to be colonizing themselves because it seems to be the cool thing to do right now which it wasn’t only a few years ago. Comment what you think and suggestions for my next post!

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  1. The equivalent of the Family Guy Effect

  2. OP asks for suggestions and opinions on the post. Gets random things that doesn’t even have anything to do with the post

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