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From the Desk of Weatherboy1

Hello CPWI,

You might have seen me before on CPAC as that 2nd crazy brony Dude (besides Shiver). I’ve been hired as an opinion writer for CPWI. So I shall reveal my thinking to you, maybe teach you things here and here as we explore the vast world of CP armies.

Now here’s something that was highly discussed recently during what I will refer to as the Black Alliance Wars. The question of what a single army’s death means to the entire army world, 1 such army as ACP. In possibly one of the most biased and politically brilliant move, Boomer made a post envisioning the possible of future without ACP. In a instant, the entire Black Alliance’s motivations were in question. Was it right to kill off an army?

Now I can go on about how this was not the original Intention of Black alliance but I will save that for another day. But what I want to discuss is the thinking of being able of killing off an army. Before I can delve into the morals of this. You have to ask yourself. Is it even possible?

The answer I believe is no. There is no way of killing an army through just war. It isn’t going to kill off an army just by attacking your servers through just repetitive attacks, in fact that just hurts your army as well as yours because you have too many events and people  get bored and don’t come. So no you cannot kill an army just through war. Now what about hacking/defacing? Well that’s a different case. In rare cases it can shatter an army. But can it kill? Only if the leader doesn’t have the determination to see it through.

A leader is the 1 who has the fate of the army in there hands. No matter what the situation is, an army leader, as long as he or she has the determination to see it through, that army can survive. My point is armies don’t die because your enemy tries to. It dies because of you the Leader. You can recruit, make incentives (which I will make a post about them later) , you can have fun events, you can even have contests for Xats. But if you give up, your army is dead, gone.

Now after that lengthy discussion about Leaders and Death of Armies, let’s get to the morals of it. Is it right or wrong to destroy an army if you could ever do it? That is a question I cannot answer. You would have to look at your morals and values. But here’s what I think at least.

I think that no army unless they committed a deed that is so despicable such as any form of Hacking, Then they should be obliterated from the face of the Virtual world, but that is my opinion.

Now was the Black alliance and there quest to destroy ACP,was it right?

While ACP did act like a king, able to bully any army for a while, their era for now, has ended, they are no longer the top army anymore. That may change 1 day but this is the present. Based on my Ideas they don’t deserve death at all. I can understand why people would go that far, but that is a far more radical view.

In Conclusion, The idea of Death of an army can be only achieve through internal chaos and Hacking. Next time I shall be posting about the wonders of Incentives and their effect on CP armies.

This has been Weatherboy1, for the CPWI

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6 Responses

  1. See, this is exactly what philosophy posts are supposed to be. A commentary on actual events. Very very good post.

    Also, the Opinions department doesn’t have desks yet. They’re being shipped. I think.

    • Thank you very much, I pride myself a lot on my Philosophy, As I said in the post, I shall be telling you all about the wonderful of Incentives.

  2. Man, you’re good at Philosophy. If you don’t mind, can you view my latest philosophy post on SMAC? Thanks.

  3. Why do mention the BA in every post or comment that you make? You keep criticizing it and saying it should be dead yet you always bring it up.

    • Ioio, it’s called the media. And I’ll take a real life example of this.
      Remember this year’s Oscars and Anne Hathaway and her co-star in Les Miserables, Amnda Seyfried for the dress thing? Regardless if it were the same or not? Now, the B.A and W.A scandal is the same. The media just want to find a way to criticize not only B.A but W.A as well, but B.A is the main target.

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