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How the Servers Page Works

Hey Penguins,

I am Dpd2000, your new “Website Maintenance’ worker. I can’t wait to get started, working hard with all the other staff members of this great Club Penguin news website. I have additional information about what I will be doing with the “Servers” page.

  • After every Top 10, weekly, I will update the “Servers” page of the armies on the weekly Top 10.
  • There will be no comments on what your servers are. I will be basing this information off of the weekly Top 10.
  • All servers will be listed of the Top 10 armies only. Being categorized as “Close to the Top 10” will not have your servers on our “Servers” page.
  • If you invaded any server after the Top 10 comes out, which will be weekly, you my then comment on our “Servers” page so I can update that as soon as possible.
  • Please also comment your opinions of anything we can do with the “Servers” page to make it look, and or function better.

You can visit our “Servers” page by clicking any “Servers” you see above or by clicking “here”. Remember to comment on this post or on our “Servers” page to give your opinion. Your opinion DOES help us. Everyone learns from their mistakes and I could of simply made any kind of mistake.

Keep Waddling,

~ Dpd2000 ~

2 Responses

  1. If there’s one thing in the CP army world that pisses me off the most, it’s misspelling “Servers” as “Severs.” “Sever” is a verb, meaning to cut something. “Servers” is a noun. Fix this, or you’re looking at a severance package (get my pun?).

  2. This post is helpful, since people need to know how the servers work, but from now on all server posts belong on the staff site, ‘kay?

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