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Pirates: Can They Go Any Higher?

This week brought the Pirates the long awaited and anticipated return of their Creator, Bid Now. It also brought them the beginning of their Golden Age.

The Pirates were created in 2007 by Bid Now. They were just and simply an unrecognized, small army. After some time, the Pirates died. However, the well-known, Waterkid100 re-created the Pirates in late 2011, September to be exact. Under him, the Pirates gained new strengths and for some time, had one of the strongest UK forces in the whole of CP Warfare.

This week started with Bid Now’s return, giving a massive morale boost to the troops. Here is a extract of his post, upon return.

I have explained to Water that I won’t be massively active due to the fact I have very very poor internet and I can only come on between 5pm and 11pm GMT. However, I think that I can make it to some battles and this is good enough for me. It is great to be back guys and I hope we can continue to grow and prove our worth in CP armies.

This post can be viewed by clicking here.

The Pirates recruiting on Deep Snow.

Before that, however, the Pirates were doing well at events. They achieved respectable sizes of 25+ with decent tactics at last weekend’s event. As shown to the right, the Pirates are on the server Deep Snow, at the Snow Forts.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the Pirates at new heights. Now with sizes of 30+ and 2/3 of troops doing the tactics consistently. They had both UK and US training sessions throughout the week, building up to the important battle against the Nachos, who are also a threat to the Pirates dominance. Bellow shows Wednesdays event.

However, Thursdays UK event showed some inconsistently with tactics. They struggled to co-operate throughout the event and it caused stress and worry for the all important upcoming weekend. Despite this, the Pirates still managed to average a steady size of 25 and max 28. At the US event, led by Freezie, the Pirates got a solid 10+ with decent tactics. Bellow shows Thursdays events.

UK Event

US Event


Fridays event was a repeat of Thursdays in the respect of tactics. However, the Pirates still managed to pull off a solid size of 30+ at the UK event. Due to the lack of tactics, the Pirates failed to post. However at the US event, the Pirates US force continued to rise, as shown to the left.


Interview with Bid Now, Pirates Main Leader & Creator

What are your plans for the Pirates?

To get them as successful as they can be at to make them sustainable.

How do you think the Pirates performed this week?

Apart from a small upset on Friday, we put out good numbers and our tactics have been great. if we increase our numbers for today then this week will be ours.

Do you think the Pirates could finally make the Top 3?

Yes. With DW having a 2 week break they should slip down the rankings and and we should grab number 3 or possibly number 2. I think it all depends on today’s outcome!

That concludes my post today – Pirates: A Rising Army? After the return of Bid Now, the Pirates have struck new heights. But the question is – will it last?


– Max43810, News Reporter –

13 Responses

  1. Firsstttyy. A little short and I’m sorry I posted about my own army, but I needed something to post.

  2. …………… feedback?

  3. Nice post, just a few “style” things to note:

    Only bold/color the army names the first time, not every time you say them.

    I fixed up the interview for you so it’s proper format. Look it over.

    Otherwise, this was an excellent post!

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