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The Order and Chaos Theory

 Hello CPWI,
Today I will be telling you about an unique prospective on CP armies,

In my mind, I like to envision the stability of CP armies as a constant battle between 2 forces, Order and Chaos. The Chaos brings us complexity and variance, while Order brings us simplicity and standardization. Both are needed to make this game fun, Order makes us able to run smoothly and not argue and rage at each other. Chaos makes it fun and not the same boring event every time. Have too much Order and you have the same thing over and over again. Have too much chaos and you will have confusion, Arguing and raging everywhere trying to point out the last bits of Order’s Rules

In a perfect Army world, both would be balanced, That has yet to happen. Over the years the Pendulum has gone back and forth (based on what I know about our history). In the beginning there was far too much chaos. But as time went on, the Order came and made it quite orderly.

When I first joined CP armies, I don’t know how orderly things were before, but the events were quite fun because it had a good mixture of Order and Chaos. Things were very fun. But as time went on the rules slowly degrade and the era I once knew ended… Now as you may guess, Chaos Dominates today.

The rules have faded and Withered, our basic principles collapsing. Hell, only the 24 hour rule has been respected throughout the whole community. Overall this theory show us that no matter what, people will be unhappy with how things are.

I apologize for the incredibly short post (I ran out of Source material) I at least hope I’ve enlighten you to see CP armies in a different way


4 Responses

  1. Order doesn’t mean simplicity.

  2. I agree with Pungy. Chaos is instability, and Order is stability. These can mean a variety of things. Chaos can still be simplicity. An example, anarchy. Anarchy is the simplest government choice, but it is also most chaotic.

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