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Lord Pain – Back once more?

Breaking News [5:09 PST 3-4] Pretzels leader Braveboy has informed CPWI that Pain has been coup’d for a third time from the Pretzels. Braveboy: “I would rather have 10 loyal people than 1 shit head.”

Hey there CPWI. This is Sidie9 here with your daily post from me. Today I will be reporting about Lord Pain – back? Wait, he is? Well I guess I need to get to that then.

As we all know (or should know), Pain has retired recently, and also made the statement that all armies should go beat up ACP together because ACP is supposedly the cause of the armies dying. Now if you look into that, he’s starting to look like Hitler, because of Hitler’s ways. Hitler made specific speeches saying “Jews are the reason of Germany’s downfall” as Germany was under crisis after WW1. But now, Lord Pain has came back it looks like, back in the Pretzels, one of the many armies to overthrow him earlier in his career, and he supposedly announced to get rid of his anti-ACP ways. Here:


Many Pretzels troops claim he should have no power here, as he was overthrown. Eg. Tymatt.


Pain wants to claim these rebels are “Terrorists”. Tymatt had supposedly overthrown Lord Pain, but the fact that Tymatt is not even on the Pretzels website makes the thing the other way around. Not only that, but Pain has charged claims at Tymatt claiming that he had given multiple troops the chat password. Any battles or further comment by Lord Pain or Tymatt will be put in addition to this post.


What could happen? Will Pain be overthrown once more? Will Pretzels rise, or will they die? Comment with your opinion!

~Sidie9, Head of News Department

5 Responses

  1. Quote the posts, don’t use wordy hard-to-read pics already used by CPAC.

    Good post, but try a little more content?

  2. It explains why Pain is called Pain. Nice by the way.

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