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Bid Now Returns to the Pirates

Bid Now, the original creator of the Pirates of Club Penguin, returned to his home army on March 4th. What convinced him to do so after all these years?

For quite a while, the Pirates of Club Penguin have been very successful in maintaining their position as a large army. In the most recent battles, including their clash with the Hot Sauce Army as part of CPAC’s March Madness and even basic training and recruiting sessions, the Pirates have proven themselves as no force to be handled lightly. This week, however, the Pirates have even more of a reason that should drive them towards victory.

The Pirates perform an E+8 tactic at the March Madness battle against HSA.

On Monday, March 4th, former leader and creator of the Pirates Bid Now unexpectedly announced his huge return to the Pirates with the hope of helping the army to succeed even more. The day began with Yeasy to be the first one who revealed Bid Now’s anticipated return to the army. He noted specifically that, for the Pirates at least, this would become the best day in the year of 2013. Yeasy continued by saying that, rather than only visiting for a limited period of time, Bid Now had instead decided to return to warfare and lead the Pirates of Club Penguin once more. As this short post concluded, it was made clear that Bid Now would also be a great help in contributing towards the Pirate’s battle against the Nachos this Saturday the 9th.

Later on in the day, Bid Now himself posted to confirm that we was in fact returning. Before saying so, however, he also provided the readers with a background on his career in Club Penguin armies and a brief history on the Pirates themselves. This post detailed the creation of the Pirates that took place not too long after his joining of the Ice Warriors, his eventual depart from his army (during this time frame, Bid Now notes that veterans Mindy, Whale, and Hussam were left in charge of the army), and him leaving the Pirates several other times before it was shaped into what the Pirates are today.

After informing the troops that he is proud of them and is amazed at the position the Pirates have reached today, he left the following to say about his return to warfare and his expectations for the Pirates.

Now I have explained to Water that I won’t be massively active due to the fact I have very very poor internet and I can only come on between 5pm and 11pm GMT. However, I think that I can make it to some battles and this is good enough for me. It is great to be back guys and I hope we can continue to grow and prove our worth in CP armies.

The Pirates perform an E+9 tactic at the March Madness tournament.

With a new season fast approaching, owners and troops are planning events to keep everyone on their feet and hope to flourish this upcoming Spring and Summer. They’e been training quite a big and have gradually worked themselves up to the point of having excellent sizes and tactics, and many are looking forward to an amazing upcoming battle against the Nachos as both armies are bound to show off great things. This goes especially for the Pirates who are now under the leadership of their creator once again.

What do you think about the Pirates’s leadership and size? Vote on the poll and be sure to leave a comment below with your opinion!

~Red Ranger (RR)

10 Responses

  1. Hope you liked my first post!

  2. Very very nice

  3. Interesting topic, good format, lots to say: can’t go wrong.

  4. What a great post! Man, you’ll be tough to beat. I like the way you’ve aligned that last picture. I really can’t seem to get that straight on my posts.

  5. This is WAY better than the CPAC post about Bid Now’s return

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