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Why Army Councils Will Continue to Fail

Hello CPWI,

As you might guess, this is a commentary on why I think the council will likely to fail and or not ensure a long term respect for the new rules they set up. As you saw with my little incident today, I reacted defiantly towards that girl. But my words made me think. Why should I follow an other’s request or rule?

This goes right into the core issue of the council, it doesn’t have something to leverage with armies refusing to comply with rules. The only thing it has is its obvious reliance on CPAC to block them off tournaments and news. But this isn’t really enough for armies to follow the council’s rulings. Then there’s the tactic of pretending that they are dead…that will go pretty much the same route as the Anti Hacking bill, relying on armies to make sure that the hackers/doxers never join armies. In the end that never worked and I fear if they go down that route once more they will end up with the same issue.

You see where I’m getting at? The council doesn’t have universal agreement. Not everyone thinks that the council is needed at all. Then there’s the people who think the council is a way for some people to gain far too much power in this community. Which I partially agree on, this is a very unfair way for people who would otherwise just be normal leaders, to have say on the rules. The only way this could even possibly work is the democratic, which thankfully they are trying to do. But I’m not liking this talk of “A President”. There should be no presidents, leaders, or anything related to a specific group of people ruling over the council and hearing what the representatives have to say. The only real more powerful person should be a single person who just moderates debates and meetings, and then relay the final results of the meeting. I don’t think that there should be a president who can dish out random proposals, they should be chosen by the people only.

But the issue will remain no matter what, as long as the council have a group of people refusing to respond to their rulings, this will fail again, and again. And I know that someone is going to say “Well what do you think they should do?” I’m just going to answer this question right now so I don’t have debate wars below this post.

I would personally have just a Bi-annual event, called “The meeting of the Armies” Any army leader is invited to fix up any rules that seem to be breaking our fragile battle system. Then continue on with our armies for the next 6 months. No permanent council is needed to continually throw more and more Proposals that anger more people, which I say what happened last time.

I do believe that this can work but doing the same cursed way that is doomed to fall. This is a perfect example of “If you don’t learn history you are doomed to repeat it” Or something to the extent of that.

In closing words, I wish you all a happy spring.


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  1. Why the hell do we need army councils anyway?

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