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SWAT Gets Its Wings, ACP Springs A Leak, & Nachos Keeps It Going

As spring has sprung, and the gloominess of winter is shaken off, armies are in even more of a swing than the spring. With renewed armies like SWAT coming out of their hibernation, and old armies like the ACP gradually melting away, the CP warfare world has metamorphosed into something symbolic the changing seasons.

SWAT Gets Its Wings, And Soars

Whistling While They Work, v. HSA 2/24

It was late in February that the SWAT returned from their long slumber. Known for their intense patriotism and quick rises, SWAT has yet to prove us wrong about them. Returning from a chaotic lockdown and decline following it in mid-January, Special Weapons showed their might in a homecoming battle against the Hot Sauce Army, in which they performed excellently, manipulating sizes as large as 30 into fantastic tactics.

A More Recent, More Atomic, Joke Bomb

And they didn’t stop then! SWAT’s been climbing the mountain for the Number One rank, and all of its glory, since their return. It’s been a tough journey, but now just a month after that PB, the SWAT have nearly done it. Yesterday, the Army Central ranked SWAT as tied for Second in their famous Top Ten, not nearly an undeserved position. After warring with the ACP for nearly a week, SWAT came out victorious. Though the war has yet to truly end, by the time the ceasefire came about, it was clear that SWAT had at least won in the upcoming Top Ten.

ACP Ship Springs A Leak, Starts to Sink

Today’s Event: Not bad, but isn’t this supposed to be the ACP?

It isn’t big news that the ACP have been a little out of order that past few months. With the leadership chaos that occurred, and its continued problems throughout, it was amazing the ACP regained a position in the Big Three at all. Doomed from the start, it couldn’t last long, and this past week there’s finally been signs that the ACP is once again on a serious fall. But it isn’t as if they’ve been doing bad. They haven’t died out, simply been passed up. With springtime, it isn’t unusual for armies to rise, and in this case, the ACP isn’t so much falling as it is failing – failing to beat its competition that is. In their war with SWAT, for example, they haven’t fared much worse than SWAT has. In fact, they’ve very recently gotten sizes over 30.

The Fight for Foggy, the Fall of the ACP

But with so many armies consistently getting the same (SWAT being the perfect example), it comes down to just that: consistency. While ACP has had great events, it has also had poor events. Right now, the ACP is a plethora of sizes, consistently ranging from as small as 15 to as high as 35. If the ACP can just hold on, they’ll be back in no time. But that’s just what needs to be considered. Is this a sign that the Good Times are gone? The ACP could very well be having a bad week, but it could also be signs of serious decay for an army that before the summer had rarely even lost the title of “Number One.”

Nachos Keep On Keeping On, Still #1

The Classy World Power, v. IW March Madness

Fallen brothers? New competition? The ever increasing workload of the world’s students? No problem for the Nachos! It’s been a truly amazing ride for the only army in Club Penguin that knows how to look tough despite absurdly large hats. They’ve beaten all odds, and continue to rain the CP warfare world. Okay, maybe it isn’t against all odds. But these guys haven’t stopped fighting yet! They’ve sat on top of the Army Central’s Top Ten for a few weeks now, and have been in the Big Three for months. Lady Luck has been with them for a while, as they have had little to no recent internal chaos. No heated wars, no leadership scrambles. In fact, the Nachos have seemed to survive just by practice battles, training, and tournaments. The winners of the March Madness tournament over at Sockwa Enterprise, Nachos have proven that no matter what, they will stick to their motto: Vivan Los Nachos.

– Redd Kool, CPWI President –

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